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Morristown, NJ, is forever remembered as a central military location during the Revolutionary War. All these years later, this rich history can be seen all over the city. Dozens of cultural and historical landmarks make up the Morristown National Historical Park, a feature that draws many tourists. Because of this and its bustling economy and proximity to Newark and New York City, people have been flocking to Morristown, causing Morris County pest control needs to increase significantly. At BHB Pest Elimination, we meet these growing needs by providing complete pest elimination services for Morristown home and business owners. Read on to learn how!

Residential Pest Control In Morristown

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At BHB Pest Elimination, we believe that every single home deserves to be pest-free and secure from new infestations. That’s why we provide complete residential pest control services that do much more than general pest control. When you partner with us, you partner with over fifty years of residential pest control experience and a pest-free guaruntee. This guarantee comes from our mission to eliminate your pest problems for good. To do this, our technicians:

  • Complete a thorough inspection to identify the source of your infestation and gain knowledge of your property.
  • Use that information to design and implement a customized treatment that eliminates existing infestations, monitors for new ones, and prevents further infestations.
  • Quarterly follow-up visits then provide proactive services to continue to protect your home from next season’s pests.

Don’t settle for mediocre control services. You deserve to live in a home that is entirely free of pest infestations. At BHB Pest Elimination, we are dedicated to providing superior elimination services to secure your home year-round. Give us a call for help today!

Commercial Pest Control In Morristown

No matter what type of facility you have, BHB Pest Elimination has commercial pest control services to help you keep your business safe from pests. We follow the same in-depth formula for our commercial sites as we do our residential clients and provide the same high-quality elimination services to the following types of Morristown establishments:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hotels
  • Property management
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Warehouses

One of the many reasons our commercial pest control services stand out from our competition is our use of Integrated Pest Management strategies, which keeps harmful chemicals out of your place of business. Additionally, we are Green Shield Certified. We don’t just treat your business and leave. We build lasting relationships with our commercial clients and value the opportunity to teach them how to keep their businesses secure and safe from infestations. Reach out to us to get your business’s protection plans started today!

All The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Morristown Home

There are many types of rodents here in Morristown, and they are all capable of causing a severe amount of damage. Below are some of the ways they can cause harm to you and your property:

  • Constant chewing: Rodents have teeth that continuously grow throughout their life. As a result, they chew on things to wear them down and keep their teeth from growing too long. This leads to them chewing through your precious family heirlooms, storage boxes, wires and cables, furniture, and anything else you may have stored on your property.
  • Diseases: No matter what types of rodents are present on your property, there is a good chance you will be exposed to a harmful disease or two. Rodents don’t even need to bite or scratch you to transfer this illness to you, as you could get sick through exposure to their feces, urine, or nesting materials.
  • Terrible odors: Because they tend to crawl through walls, a rodent can become stuck and die. This releases a terrible odor that permeates your walls and throughout your property.

BHB Pest Elimination specializes in preventing and eliminating all rodent activity in Morristown properties. We don’t want you to risk becoming ill because of exposure to these pests. Give us a call for expert assistance today.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Morristown Home

There is only one way to have effective bed bug control: seek the help of a professional. These are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of once they have set up shop in your home. Below are some of the ways you can prevent them from gaining access to your home:

  • Don’t bring in used furniture: While we all love a good deal or thrift shopping, bringing home used furniture could be one easy way for bed bugs to get inside your home. So, when buying these items, inspect them for signs of bed bugs first. 
  • Be cautious where you set your bags in public: Whenever you are out and about, be very thoughtful about where you put your bags. Setting them on cushions and carpets could allow bed bugs to crawl inside your bag and hitch a free ride back to your place. The same warning goes for you and where you sit down.
  • Use a mattress cover: If bed bugs have somehow gained access to your home, be prepared by already having a good mattress cover over your bed, as this will keep them from being able to burrow inside your mattress.

At the first sign of an infestation, call BHB Pest Elimination for help. Our expert bed bug control technicians have the tools needed to root out and eliminate your problem. Don’t let these pests ruin your sleep for even a single night. Call for help evicting them! 

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    Very happy with the service and the follow-up to make sure we had a good experience. I will defiantly use BHB for my Pest Control again.
    - Luis S.
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    Exterminator was professional and polite. He was thorough and took the time to explain and show what he did.
    - Joshua F.
    "Very Thorough And Ready To Work"
    These guys are very thorough, always show up and ready to work. Our guy Richard always gives us a run a great summary and feedback to avoid any issues.
    - Luis F.
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    He was knowledgeable. Explained the service performed.
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    Malik was very helpful & professional in roach extermination. He was responsive and on time.
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    Corey John is our technician and he is above and beyond. Great communication and detailed service.
    - Sean C.
    "Very pleased with this company"
    Jesse called the day prior to our 1st scheduled appt for the season. Heavy rains were scheduled for that evening and he offered to reschedule our yard spraying appt for the following week.
    - Peggy D.
    "Highly Recommend"
    Jessie is the best!! Highly recommend him.
    - Kathy V.
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