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Birds are a common sight in New York, and they can become a problem when they nest or roost on your property. This situation can cause a variety of issues, from property damage to health hazards.

If you have a problem with birds in your residential or commercial property, BHB Pest Elimination, LLC can help.

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Problems Caused by Birds

When birds make their home on your property, they can cause:

  • Noise
    Birds can be loud, especially when they nest or roost on your property. Such noise can be disruptive, making it difficult to sleep or concentrate.
  • Unsightly Messes
    Birds create messes with their droppings, feathers, and nests. Their leavings make your property look dirty and unkempt.

Health Concerns Associated with a Bird Infestation

A bird infestation may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it can actually pose serious health concerns. First of all, birds can carry a number of diseases, such as avian influenza and salmonella. They can transmit these infections to humans.

Additionally, their droppings create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. When these things spread, people can experience respiratory issues and other infections.

Birds and their nesting materials can also attract other pests, like fleas and ticks. These new pests further increase the risk of disease transmission.

How a Bird Infestation Can Create Property Damage

When left unchecked, these winged creatures can wreak havoc on buildings, both inside and out.

Birds can get inside a structure and build nests in hard-to-reach areas. We often find them inside gutters or underneath roofing materials. When birds do this, their droppings and nest debris can clog your drainage systems. These blockages can back up water flow, create leaks, and lead to water damage.

A bird’s nest often attracts other pests as well. Insects and rodents can get into your building, further deteriorating the property’s structural integrity.

Inside buildings, bird droppings can damage HVAC systems, causing costly repairs and increasing energy bills.

How We Can Help Get Rid of Birds

At BHB Pest Elimination, we offer a variety of bird control services, including:

  • Bird Exclusion - We can seal off areas of your property to prevent birds from nesting or roosting. Our bird exclusion services are effective for attics, chimneys, vents, and more.
  • Bird Deterrents - We can install deterrents to keep birds away from your property. Such devices include bird spikes, bird netting, and bird wire.
  • Bird Pucks - These innovative devices are small and round. They are made of a non-toxic gel that birds find unappealing. We can place pucks in areas where birds tend to gather, such as roofs or ledges. The pucks emit a scent that deters birds from landing or roosting. Bird pucks are easy to use and do not harm the birds or the environment. They are a cost-effective, humane way to solve bird infestations.

Preventing Future Bird Infestations

Once we have successfully removed birds from your property, we can take steps to keep them from coming back.

Some of the bird-proofing methods we offer include:

  • Installing bird spikes or netting
  • Implementing sound or visual deterrents
  • Sealing off entry points and nesting areas
  • Regular maintenance and inspections to ensure ongoing protection

Why Choose Us?

When you work with our team, you get:

  • Quality work
  • Free estimate
  • Humane bird removal
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Safe and effective bird control

For quick, effective bird removal and prevention in New York, contact us online today.

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