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a house cricket resting on a leaf

How Dangerous Are Crickets In Pennsylvania?

September 24, 2021

The daintiness of a critter is no indication that it’s innocent. Generally speaking, insects and creatures are disastrous in some way. They can affect the foundation of your Pennsylvania home or business, or damage your personal belongings. On average, they will bring about sickness with the germs they have and the diseases they transmit. ... Read More

a fruit fly eating nasty food

How To Keep Fruit Flies Out Of Your New York Home

August 13, 2021

As their name suggests, fruit flies are attracted to rotting fruit – but it can be easy to misidentify fruit flies as other types of flies. You can often recognize these pests by their red eyes, translucent wings, and black or tan-looking bodies.... Read More

a house fly on a new york kitchen counter

Six Easy Ways To Keep Flies Out Of Your New York Home

July 30, 2021

Do you have a flyswatter inside your home? Most homeowners do. In truth, the flyswatter is a testament to how annoying flies really are. If you are on the same page and find these small insects unbearable, we are here today to help with six easy ways to keep flies out of your New York Home.... Read More

a blow flie standing on food

How Dangerous Are House Flies In New York?

July 15, 2021

It is a sometimes disorienting experience to have a fly buzzing around your head. Although small, these pests regularly make themselves a big problem inside area homes. The question is, how much of a problem are flies really? There are some things you should know, including the dangers fly pose to New York residents.... Read More

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