How To Keep Rodents Away From Your New York Home
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Rodents exist in more than 2,000 species, which makes them the most prevalent mammals in many countries of the world. One common characteristic shared by all rodents is front teeth called incisors which grow continually and cause these creatures to chew or gnaw on things.

As aggressive scavengers, rodents will find ways of infiltrating homes and begin contaminating food and surfaces, damaging building materials and wiring, and potentially creating nests. The primary rodent pests found in New York include house mice, deer mice, white-footed mice, and Norway rats. Roof rats are much more common outside of the city in more suburban or rural settings.

Rodents represent a public health concern associated with hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and a host of other problems. The City of New York has traditionally acknowledged that a rodent problem exists. Some of the preventative measures used in the past include more frequent residential trash pickup, enhanced property inspections, and securing large outdoor trash dumpsters.

Do you recognize signs of rodent activity in your home? Promptly responding to these intrusions is critical, as these creatures usually will rapidly proliferate and expand their presence throughout other areas of the structure and create property damage. A professional New York pest control company has staff members who have received proper training regarding how to get rid of rodents and the best practices for how to keep rodents away from the premises.

How To Tell If You Are Dealing With A Rodent Infestation

What are some of the signs that may suggest the presence of rodents in New York? In many cases, the first sign of a problem with rodents is detected at night, when these nocturnal creatures are most active. People will often awaken to hear sounds of these pests rummaging through attics, basements, or within walls.

Another common indicator occurs when opening up cupboards or pantries and finding dried packaged food scattered and rodent droppings. In some instances, a rodent will die indoors, and a foul odor will develop.

What Are Rodents Drawn To?

Rodents are scavengers that will move indoors when they can access sources of food, water, or shelter. Once indoors, these pests may begin gathering various materials such as insulation or fabrics used to form nests. Properly managing trash that contains food scraps is very important, as rodents will tear open trash bags or climb into kitchen-area garbage cans that have no lid.

Here Are Five Tips To Get Rid Of Rodents In The Home

Once indoors, tiny rodents often navigate their way into hard-to-reach areas with limited accessibility that poses challenges. Some of the best ways to deal with rodents include:

  • Place all dried foods in durable, sealed containers before storing them in cupboards or pantries. 
  • Remove clutter throughout the home that provides hiding places for critters. 
  • Limit access to water by repairing any leaks.
  • Adopt a diligent cleaning routine, particularly in kitchen areas.
  • Fill any interior voids that rodents might tunnel into using caulk, sealant, and screening material.

Although the aforementioned tips can create some positive results, those experiencing a current rodent infestation should promptly seek assistance from a pest extermination expert.

What Does BHB Pest Elimination Do To Get Rid Of Rodents For Good?

BHB Pest Elimination will perform an exhaustive interior and exterior inspection of the premises. During the inspection, our experts will identify likely points of entry that require attention as needed to prevent subsequent invasions.

In today’s competitive environment, the specialists with BHB Pest Elimination differentiate themselves by providing the highest-quality customer service. Our customers appreciate how the technicians we deploy will create unique, customized solutions based on the many variables involved. We encourage you to contact us today for an assessment.

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