6 Easy Yet Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For New York Property Owners
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The new year is upon us and many people are making resolutions. Some are committing to becoming healthier and buying gym memberships. Others are putting more effort into conquering their finances. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, we have one commitment you should add to your list. If you have never considered the benefits of a rodent-free home, today is your day to do so. To help fend these furry pests off, here are six easy, effective rodent control tips to use around your New York property.

Tip Number One: Know Your Enemy

Preventing rodents is more difficult when you don’t understand what they are or what benefits they have to get into your home. Here in New York, we have three species of rats and five species of mice known for invading properties. A few factors that make these pests so adept at getting inside are their sharp and durable front teeth, incredible dexterity, and heightened intelligence. Rodents use these three advantages to climb, jump, and chew their way into homes.

Tip Number Two: Keep Your Yard Clean And Maintained

Often rodents find shelter around yards before they look to invade. To deter these pests from wandering too close to your home’s exterior, remove clutter and debris from your yard. We also recommend keeping up with your lawn and landscaping. The more open and clean space there is between potential rodent harborage and the walls of your home, the better.

Tip Number Three: Seal Your Home’s Exterior

When rodents look to invade a home, they look for holes, gaps, cracks, and openings in its exterior. To exclude these pests from finding their way indoors, start by using a caulking gun and some steel wool to fill entry points in your home’s exterior foundation. Follow this up by repairing damage to your home’s siding, shingles, and chimneys. Lastly, finish things off by making sure your window/door screens are in good condition and that all exterior vents are properly sealed off with metal screens.

Tip Number Four: Address Moisture Issues

Rodents need water to survive. The more you can limit these pests’ ability to get this basic necessity, the less likely they will be to stick around on your property. We recommend that you start with your home’s yard and exterior. Pour out toys and containers that have collected rainwater, make sure your gutters are clear and flowing property, and address other moisture issues you find. After this move inside. Fix leaky piping and fixtures, empty pets water bowls before going to bed at night, and drain sinks and bathtubs after you are done using them.

Tip Number Five: Clean Your Home Thoroughly And Regularly

Rodents thrive in dirty environments. To deter these pests from settling into your home, clean it regularly and thoroughly. Be sure not to neglect harder-to-reach areas rodents might hide including beneath, behind, and around furniture, larger kitchen appliances, and storage areas. After your home is clean, do your best to keep it that way.

Tip Number Six: Learn How To Store Food Properly

When rodents invade homes they will look for easy ways to get food. To limit their access to your food storage, store all leftover food into tough, tightly-sealed containers.

Bonus Tip: Call A Professional

Once rodents get into a home it can seem impossible to get them back out. If you suspect your home is having trouble with these furry invaders, get the experts at BHB Pest Elimination involved. Using industrial-grade equipment and treatments we will ensure your home’s rodent infestation goes away fast.
Contact our team today to learn about our effective rodent control or schedule your home for a detailed pest inspection.

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