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Pantry Pest Identification

What are pantry pests?

Beetles, moths, and weevils that invade dry goods are pantry pests. Drain beetles, flower beetles, and Indian meal moth are all examples of pantry pests living in our area. They are a frustrating pest problem to deal with as these insects tend to breed quickly, making controlling and eliminating them difficult.

close up of a flour beetle

Female pantry pests lay eggs on or in stored food products. Once the larvae hatch, they feed on the food provided to them, contaminating it with their saliva and excrement. The larval stage of pantry pests is responsible for causing most of the problems and food contamination associated with these pests.

Are pantry pests dangerous?

The pantry pest larvae contaminate food sources with saliva and excrement as they feed and develop into adults. Though these insects do contaminate food and therefore cause food waste, pantry pests are not considered dangerous pests. They don’t bite or sting people and don’t damage structures. However, since pantry pests contaminate food, they should not live in our homes or businesses for any period.

Why do I have a pantry pest problem?

The most common way pantry pests move into our homes is inside stored products purchased from the store already infested with pantry pest larvae or eggs. Once inside your house, the larvae eventually develop into adults, and then the new females lay their eggs on dry goods stored in your home, continuing the infestation. Sometimes adults will enter indoors on their own, moving inside through spaces around windows and doors or other openings they find.

Where will I find pantry pests?

Pantry pests are problematic inside homes, grocery stores, restaurants, food storage facilities, pet stores, and anywhere food handling and storage occurs. In our homes, pantry pests most commonly invade our kitchen and pantry areas.

Examples of stored foods pantry pests commonly invade:

  • Flour and cornmeal
  • Cereal
  • Crackers
  • Dry pet food
  • Dry spices and dry herbs
  • Bird seed

How do I get rid of pantry pests?

At BHB Pest Elimination, we provide the long-term solutions needed to get rid of pantry pests from homes and businesses. We understand how frustrating pest problems are to deal with and will work closely with you to ensure your unique pest problems are taken care of. We don’t just “control” pests; we eliminate them! If you are dealing with a pantry pest problem in your New York home or business, reach out to BHB Pest Elimination today, and speak with one of our friendly professionals.

How can I prevent pantry pests in the future?

Let our professionals help you control pantry pests through our professional home pest control and commercial pest control services, and with the following pantry pest prevention tips:

  • Do not purchase food products with rips or tears in the packaging.
  • Avoid buying dry goods, bird seed, and pet food in bulk.
  • When coming home, remove food from its original packaging and put it in plastic or glass containers with airtight lids.
  • Store dry pet food in a metal container with a locking lid.
  • Replace any damaged window or door screens.
  • Keep kitchen and pantry areas clean and free of crumbs and other food debris.

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