Fruit Flies In Homes And Restaurants
New York and New Jersey Pest Experts

Fruit flies can be a frustrating pest in any property including homes, offices, and medical facilities. But they are most problematic and difficult to eliminate in bars and food establishments. The key to eliminate flies, but especially fruit flies, is to identify the main breeding location. Killing adults, while somewhat helpful to limit the total number of flies, is not the answer for long-term control.

Adult flies are a symptom of the problem, they are not the cause of the problem. 

Fruit flies are weak fliers, so wherever you are finding adult flies, the main breeding source will generally be within 15 feet of that location 

The key to identifying the breeding source is to find moist, organic matter that sits stagnant 24 hours a day. 

Do not let the name Fruit Fly throw you off, they like rotting vegetables just as much as fruit. While you are likely to find them in a rotting banana or peach, do not overlook rotting onions, potatoes, and other vegetables. Like many of us, they also love beer, wine, soda, and smoothies.

In restaurants and bars, the key is moisture and sanitation. Look for any sanitation concerns like corks or bottle caps under pipes and equipment and food buildup inside floor drains. 

Any condition that allows moisture to sit stagnantly is imperative to correct. Water leaks, beer or soda lines resting on the floor and broken tiles and missing grout are major areas inside any food establishment. 

In many cases, the breeding sites are obvious and extremely easy to identify. Fix the problem and you will stop the flies.

If issues persist, BHB Pest Elimination has you covered. We offer a variety of fly control programs including Bio Enzymatic Foam treatments, steam cleaning, and most importantly, finding and correcting the source of the problem to completely eliminate the issue for you.

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