Are Winter Rodents Really a Problem in New York And New Jersey?
New York and New Jersey Pest Experts

Rodents are a nuisance in the New York metropolitan area in the winter. As the temperature drops, rodents look for a cozy place to settle in. Your home, with plenty to eat and shelter from the elements, makes it the perfect spot.

Why Rodents Are A Problem

While you may find rodents in your home in the warmer weather, it is less common since the outdoors provide plenty of nourishment and an endless supply of nesting spots away from people. Rodents aren’t necessarily social creatures who want to hang out with you. They just want to use your home for what it can provide when it gets cold outside.

Some people think mice and rats are cute and even keep them as pets. But for the rest of us, the last thing we want to see is rodents peeking out at us from behind the couch. Rodents running loose in our homes can cause quite a bit of damage. Both mice and rats need to chew to keep their incisors in check. They don’t discriminate and will chew through your favorite holiday decorations, the box of cereal in your cabinet, or even your wires. As they scurry about, they leave droppings and urine, which can carry diseases that can be spread to your family.

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Home

While there are some steps you can take to prevent rodents from invading your home, these animals are difficult to keep out. Mice can enter a home through a hole the size of a dime. Any areas around pipes, utility wires, windows, or doors that aren’t thoroughly sealed can become potential entry points for rodents. And once they enter your home, they aren’t likely to leave on their own. Bait and traps are a potential solution to try to trap and kill rodents once they’ve gotten inside, but they can be dangerous and ineffective. You are also left to deal with the dead rodent if you are lucky enough to catch one.

Though it's a challenge to keep rodents out of your home, there are some preventative measures you can take to keep them away: 

  • Be sure to clean up all spills and vacuum your home regularly. 
  • Store food items in airtight containers. 
  • Check the perimeter of your home and seal up any potential entryways.
  • Eliminate water sources by checking for leaking pipes and installing dehumidifiers in areas with excess moisture. 
  • Rodents chew constantly to file down their ever-growing teeth. Reduce the clutter in your home by storing items in totes rather than cardboard boxes that are ideal for rodents to chew. 

In the end, the best way to protect your New York or New Jersey home from rodents is to reach out to professionals.

Our Team At BHB Pest Elimination Can Help With Your Rodent Problem

The moment you notice rodents in your New York home you should call us at BHB Pest Elimination to help you rid your home of these pests. Better yet, call us before you have a rodent problem to keep them out. It is far easier to take measures to keep rodents out than it is to remove them once they get in.
Keeping them out also protects you and your family from the diseases they could bring in, and it keeps you from having the headache of cleaning up droppings and throwing away contaminated food. Contact BHB Pest Elimination to learn more about our rodent control options. We will help you with a prevention plan and eliminate a current infestation. Reach out to us today!

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