The Ultimate Spider Prevention Guide For New York Homeowners
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There are many species of spiders in New York, and only a few of them are harmful to humans. However, most homeowners don't want their homes overrun with spiders. With the help of this spider prevention guide, you can take precautions to keep these arachnids away.

Spiders In New York

There are a variety of spiders here in New York that you could encounter. The following are descriptions with some traits and characteristics of the various spiders:

Sac Spider

This pale yellow spider likes to hide in vegetation. It's one of the only spiders in the state that has venom potent enough to harm humans. 

Nursery Web Spider

If you're near a lake or pond, you might see this brown spider. With hair that's suede, this spider is sometimes confused for the wolf spider.

Funnel Web Spider

If you look in the dark corners of your home, you might find the funnel-web spider. This arachnid is brown and has long spinnerets. Although it's not venomous, this arachnid does bite when it feels threatened.

Wolf Spider

One of the largest common spiders in New York is the wolf spider. Sometimes, it ventures into homes in search of food. You can identify this arachnid by its large size and brown, furry body.

American House Spider

By far the most common house spider in New York, the American house spider likes to hide in protected areas. It's yellowish-brown and has a large abdomen. 
Like most other spiders in this state, American house spiders aren't dangerous. However, they are unwelcome. Their webs leave behind a mess, and they scare off guests. If you don't want spiders around, you need to take steps to keep them out.

How To Keep New York Spiders Out

One of the most important things you should know about local spiders is how to keep them out. By following these tips, you can keep spiders away.

1. Use Garbage Cans With Lids

When spiders look for food, they don't care about your leftovers or small crumbs. Instead, they look for insects. While spiders won't be attracted to your open garbage, they will be attracted to the insects in it. Both inside and outside, your garbage cans should have lids on them. Make sure the lids remain closed at all times.

2. Store Food Properly

Your open food will attract insects, which in turn will attract spiders. To keep arachnids away, store your food with care. Instead of leaving your cereal in opened boxes, store them in plastic or glass sealable containers. Don't leave food out on your counters, or you could experience pest problems. 

3. Clear Clutter

Spiders often choose to build their webs in hidden areas. Because clutter creates many hidden areas, you should keep your home clear. Every time you clean, be on the lookout for things you don't need.  Eliminate as much clutter as possible.

4. Remove Webs

If you find any webs inside your home, you should remove them. Be cautious about using your hand, because the spider in the web could bite you. When you find a web, use a broom or another tool to knock it down. The spider will continue to build its web, but your actions could discourage it from staying in your home.

5. Seal Entryways

If spiders have no way to enter your home, they'll remain outside. Check all of your screens for gaps and holes. Walk around your home and look for cracks and crevices. If you have caulk or sealant on hand, you can use it to close gaps. You should also check under your doors for gaps, and install door sweeps where they're necessary. 

6. Hire The Experts

There's no substitute for professional service. BHB Pest Elimination is family-owned and operated with professionals trained to eliminate pest problems. Our comprehensive home pest control plans for New York homeowners will help keep your home spider-free. Contact BHB Pest Elimination for more advice or assistance today.

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