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"RUN" Your Business! by BHB Pest Elimination

Using his years of experience and dedication to helping others, BHB Pest Elimination's owner Michael Broder not only puts an end to all your pests problems but gives advice on how to run your business as well! Michael started writing for Pest Management Professional Magazine (PMP Magazine) in June of this year. Use the links below to see how to Run Your Business.

Map It Out

Where would you like to see your business in five years? Maybe you’re ready to move into a new territory, offer additional services, or expand your customer base. But how is that going to happen?

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Small Steps, Small Goals

That’s how we train at BHB Pest Elimination. New employees can be uncertain and easily overwhelmed. We break down every task to the smallest part possible and repeat it until it becomes ingrained. We provide a training partner, someone who can guide them and cheer on their progress. 

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The Baltimore Blister

Sometimes, a dream job turns into a nightmare. That’s what happened when BHB Pest Elimination was asked to insect-proof every unit in a building because bed bugs were found in just one apartment. [...] Like the marathon, though, the job began to fall apart at its very first steps. Usually, pest control work is invisible. We work in hidden areas where the pests are. For this, we had to treat every inch of their exquisite, perfect residences.

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Don’t Settle For Pest Control, Demand Elimination!

At BHB Pest Elimination, we are not content to simply control the pests on your property. Our job is to get to the root source of the problem so that we can fully eliminate it. By working to deliver long-term solutions to our customers, we provide the pest elimination you’re looking for. If you have a pest problem, contact BHB Pest Elimination today.


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