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"RUN" Your Business! by BHB Pest Elimination

Using his years of experience and dedication to helping others, BHB Pest Elimination's owner Michael Broder not only puts an end to all your pests problems but advises on how to run your business as well! Michael started writing for Pest Management Professional Magazine (PMP Magazine) in June of 2020. Use the links below to see how to Run Your Business.

Running Your Business: Hitting The Wall

Have you ever seen a retail chain with hundreds of locations that disappear in bankruptcy overnight? They hit a financial wall. Like that runner who didn’t drink or eat enough nutrients during the race, these chains hit a financial wall that is very difficult to break through.

man running downhill in wellington

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Run Your Business: Downhill

Businesses going through a period of rapid growth can feel a lot like running downhill. It’s fun and exciting, but in so many ways you are totally out of control and it is very difficult to see the obstacles in your path.

man running downhill in wellington

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BHB Pest Elimination Relocates Headquarters

BHB Pest Elimination has purchased a building in Wallington, NJ, to serve as the company’s new headquarters location. The company has been in business for more than 52 years and was previously based in New York City.

bhb pest elimination at new location in wallington nj

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Map It Out

Where would you like to see your business in five years? Maybe you’re ready to move into new territory, offer additional services, or expand your customer base. But how is that going to happen? Simply saying you want to increase sales is not enough direction to get there. So, take the time to let your vision unfold.

business people pointing at notes in a binder

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Small Steps, Small Goals

It’s so easy to make a training plan from your own experience and knowledge, forgetting that beginners need small steps and goals. They need new concepts and skills broken down and then repeated until it becomes second nature. Only then can we begin to add on new skills. That’s how we train at BHB Pest Elimination.

man writing motivational words on whiteboard

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The Baltimore Blister

Have you ever had a job or project that fell apart? A job where everything that could go wrong does? Of course, you have! You can’t be in the service industry without having one. Sometimes, a dream job turns into a nightmare. But that job taught me never to give up, dig down deep, and always cross the finish line.

person cutting word impossible to make possible

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Scared Of My Shadow

In life, on the run, and in business, things have a way of jumping out at us at unexpected times. We may not always know what to do when that happens, but still, we have to be prepared. As we navigate our businesses, we scan the road for dangers that lie ahead. Some are more expected. We know it’s not if they will occur, but when they will occur.

a woman running

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By The Numbers

Running is a numbers game. But numbers are just as critical in business, perhaps even more so. Just as you would use all the numbers to improve your running, you need to look at all the numbers to improve your business. Sales are important, but without looking at all the expenses that go into making those sales, you’re running blind.

number chart

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No Pain, No Gain

Pushing out of your comfort zone is hard. But they make us stronger and smarter. They make those easy stretches of our business path feel effortless, yet prepare us to handle any obstacles that get in our way. They help our business grow with every step.

no pain no gain

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Run your Business: Time to quit?

Quitting isn’t a bad word, because we are not really quitting. We are simply redirecting our energies in the right direction. Quitting may mean switching from a computer program that no longer works for you. It may mean saying no to that customer asking you to do a service you can’t properly provide. You are not quitting; you are being that elite runner and will be ready to take on all the right challenges.

an image showing a persons legs and feet running on a road

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Building your future: Purchasing property

Several years ago, we kicked around the idea of purchasing a property for our company. At first, it seemed like a far-fetched dream. The prices to purchase even a small office in New York City were astronomical and way outside of our budget. Perhaps if we acted on this years ago, we could have afforded something in one of the outer boroughs, but now that window was firmly shut as prices are high everywhere around New York City. But it still drove us crazy to pay so much money in rent every month and get nothing in return.

people handing keys to new business

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