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Protecting Your New York City Business From Pest Threats

As a business owner, you face challenges every day that can threaten the success of your business. Avoiding problems before they have a chance to impact your company negatively is always the best option, but problems sometimes occur before you have an opportunity to act. Whether you want to be proactive against pests or already have a pest infestation in your New York business, BHB Pest Elimination is ready to serve. Our commercial pest elimination services are designed for your business's distinct needs and take a long-term approach to keep pests out.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process

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When you contact BHB Pest Elimination, we'll listen to your concerns and ask for details about what you're noticing around your commercial property and where you're noticing them, but we don't stop there. As experts in the field, we can identify signs of pest activity and conducive conditions that may lead to future pest activity that the typical person may overlook. We'll take the time to carefully inspect your property's interior and exterior, looking for these areas.

Once we've completed our inspection, we'll discuss our findings with you, develop a program to eliminate the problems, prevent future issues, and make recommendations about what you can do to prevent pest problems from occurring. We fully customize our treatment programs to your facility and needs. We use a variety of methods and follow strict protocols for the safety of your employees and customers.

Follow-up treatments occur on a regularly scheduled basis. The frequency of these visits depends on your facility's needs. They can occur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. We'll work with you to develop a schedule that keeps your commercial property pest-free.

Facilities We Service

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Doctors' Offices

During their appointments, your patients need sanitary conditions to avoid catching illnesses, but pests threaten those conditions. Keep pests out with BHB Pest Elimination.

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You only have one chance to make a first impression, and if your guests find pests in their room, they won't be back. Keep your hotel pest-free with BHB Pest Elimination.

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Property Management

Whether you manage apartments, office buildings, or another type of property, when pests get inside, they lead to unhappy tenants. Protect your tenants with BHB Pest Elimination.

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Nothing will ruin your restaurant's reputation faster than a pest infestation. Pests can contaminate the food and scare your customers away. Stop them with BHB Pest Elimination.

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Protecting your students is one of your top priorities. BHB Pest Elimination uses strict IPM measures to keep your school pest-free and your students safe and healthy.

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Pests are destructive creatures that will damage and destroy the inventory you store in your warehouse. Keep them out with the help of BHB Pest Elimination.

We Don't Control Pests; We Eliminate Them

Protecting your business from pests shouldn't involve slapping a band-aid on the problem and hoping it doesn't worsen. BHB Pest Elimination is committed to getting to the root cause of your business's pest problems so that we can fully eliminate them instead of simply trying to control the symptoms of the problem.

We offer the following specialty pest control options:

Reasons To Choose Us

You work hard to keep your business successful. Your pest management company should work just as hard for you.

BHB Pest Elimination:

  • Is dedicated to building quality relationships with our customers.
  • Has over 50 years of experience solving pest problems.
  • Will find the root cause of your pest problems in order to eliminate them.
  • Builds a customized pest program for your business's unique needs.
  • Follows strict IPM protocols for the safety of your employees and customers.
  • Is Green Shield certified.
  • Is a member of the New York City Hospitality Alliance.
  • Is a member of the New York City Hotel Association.
  • Is on the Board of Directors for the New York Pest Management Association.
  • Is a member of the National Pest Management Association.
  • Is a member of the New Jersey Pest Management Association.

We Work For Your New York Business

When you choose BHB Pest Elimination, you get customized pest management that looks at the big picture in order to provide you with pest elimination and long-term solutions. Don't settle for a pest control company that only treats the symptoms of your pest problem but doesn't get at the root of the problem. BHB Pest Elimination is the company you can trust for your commercial pest needs.


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