Facts Vs. Myths About The Bed Bugs In New Jersey
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Bed bugs are nocturnal and usually hide in tiny crevices. Because of this, people often think that bed bugs are too small to see. But in reality, bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed. Once they have fed, bed bugs will swell and become a brighter red.

If you want to keep this pest from taking over your New Jersey home, you need to know the facts behind the myths about bed bugs.

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Happen In Dirty Homes

In ignorant bliss, we believe the bed bugs can only happen to a dirty home or people with poor hygiene. But the truth is that everyone is susceptible to a bed bug infestation. This is because of the way bed bugs start.

Most often, bed bugs are accidentally carried inside by unknowing people. Common ways include:

  • In luggage and bags brought in from hotels or motels
  • On personal belongings from public transportation
  • In backpacks from schools
  • Carried from hotels and other public places like theaters, restaurants, and hospitals
  • On second-hand items like furniture, rugs, and clothes

Although bed bugs are not known to spread disease, they can lead to secondary infection, insomnia, and stress. To keep these problems from happening in your home, you should always inspect your belongings before bringing them inside, especially second-hand items. When staying in a hotel or motel, you should check the room before putting down your belongings, making sure never to put anything on the floor in any public place.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Only Found Around Beds

Due to their name, it is commonly believed that bed bugs only hang around beds and sleeping areas. While they do prefer these spaces, bed bugs can be found throughout a home. They are also a typical business and office invading pest where there are no beds.

Bed bugs prefer bed areas because they are nocturnal, coming out at night to feed, with their diet being made up of blood. And although bed bugs will bite animals, they do prefer human blood.

Because bed bugs are nocturnal, they are rarely the first sign of an infestation. Instead, bites are usually a telltale sign of a problem. Bites typically happen around the face, ankles, and arms, appearing in clusters of red bumps.

If you see signs of bed bugs, you should take action right away, as they will only get worse as time goes on.

Myth: Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs Is Easy

Many people believe that it is easy to get rid of a bed bug infestation, but the truth is that they are one of the most challenging pests to handle. This is because they are prolific, good at hiding, and will continue to reinfest if not removed properly.

To combat this pest, it is best to contact professionals at the first sign of a problem rather than try to get rid of them on your own. New Jersey residents should contact BHB Pest Elimination.

Our bed bug control offerings include a thorough inspection to determine where they are most active. A tailored treatment plan can consist of a HEPA vaccine for adult removal, steaming of mattresses, carpeting, baseboards, liquid treatments, dust products, and insecticides. Ten to fourteen days after the initial treatment, we will return for follow-up services, re-treating your home if necessary.

Because we target bed bugs at every life stage, we can ensure that your home will be bed bug-free. So, contact us today at BHB Pest Elimination to assist with bed bugs on your New Jersey property.

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