Are You Dealing With A Fruit Fly Infestation In Pennsylvania?
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Belonging to the Diptera order of insects, flies are creatures with a pair of wings and excellent vision that exist in roughly 18,000 different species throughout North America. Pennsylvania homeowners often encounter problems with fruit flies (drosophila) and drain flies, particularly in the late summer and fall months. Some types have become genetically altered and are essentially flightless fruit flies. 

Fruit flies will lay eggs and reproduce quickly, causing minor problems to escalate into significant infestations rapidly.

Do fruit flies carry disease or otherwise, that can be harmful to human health? Fruit flies are routinely exposed to pathogens because they are attracted to decaying matter, trash, and other unsanitary conditions and will spread contamination.

Are you wondering how to trap fruit flies, drain flies, and similar pest species? Speak with a local pest extermination company that is properly equipped to oust these unwanted pests from the premises.

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Once a few fruit flies have entered a home, identifying their breeding location often becomes very critical. The majority of insecticides are only effective at killing fully developed flies, while the eggs and others in differing stages of development may survive. Drains and garbage disposals are common breeding areas where these pests will emerge from.

How To Tell If It's Fruit Flies In Your Pennsylvania Home

Compared to most other types of flies, fruit flies are smaller and are more likely to exist in groups with many others. Keep in mind that some flightless fruit flies also exist with a very similar appearance. Fruit flies usually are most active in areas with water and moisture and lay eggs that develop through phases as pupae and larvae before reaching adulthood.

Is It Safe To Eat Something A Fruit Fly Has Landed On In Pennsylvania?

Do fruit flies carry diseases? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration explains that flies may contaminate foods that can cause illness when consumed.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips For Pennsylvania Homes

Are you seeking information regarding how to trap fruit flies? Some of the best tips for preventing these flying pests include:

  • Avoid purchasing bruised or damaged fruits and vegetables when in grocery stores or markets
  • Any rotting fruits or vegetables should be placed in a bag and promptly disposed of
  • Place any leftovers in the refrigerator or a sealed container with a fitting lid
  • Keep lids on any trash receptacles that contain any food scraps
  • Regularly clean floors and counters to remove possible attractants

The Best Fly Control For Your Pennsylvania Home

Fruit flies are often mistaken for gnats, which are a slightly different type of fly that is more prevalent in outdoor areas where sufficient moisture exists, including compost areas and gardens. Despite having a short lifespan, fruit flies can generate hundreds of eggs, which makes it difficult to eliminate them completely. Many of the flies that are found in bathrooms are actually phorid flies or fungus gnats.

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The specialists with BHB Pest Elimination have many of the latest products and tools available in the market today for eradicating flies For example, we might use a bio-enzymatic foam treatment that has proven to be safe for indoor use. Depending on the circumstances, our experts might use steam that is hot enough to also kill eggs and larvae in addition to other various solutions.

Our professionals will also identify any existing property conditions that make your home susceptible to fruit flies and similar pests. We invite you to contact us today to schedule an onsite property assessment. Keep in mind that our staff is often available to respond the same day for those facing emergency situations. 

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