Five Simple & Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Pennsylvania Homeowners
New York and New Jersey Pest Experts

Pestering is what pests do best, hence the name. They are determined to get inside your Pennsylvania home, and they die hard. Many are difficult to get rid of because of their tiny size and challenging to reach hiding spots. An equal number have resistance to insecticides and similar items and procreate at a rapid rate. This is beyond concerning, especially if a critter has a frightening appearance or causes harm. The majority of bugs and creatures sting, bite, scratch, distribute germs, or ruin belongings. Ants have several of these traits.

People tend to think that ants are innocent, but that’s far from the case. They harbor impactful bacteria that trigger human illnesses and other physical reactions. Some subspecies damage property. Pure and simple, these insects are a threat. Enacting preventive measures is paramount. Use these five tips from BHB Pest Elimination to avoid ants.

Tip #1 Take Care of Your Home’s Exterior  

There isn’t a hole that ants can’t crawl through; their bodies are flexible. Considering this, you should close up gaps in windows, doors, foundations, walls, and utilities. Caulk can be used in some instances. Next, attach sweeps to doors that face the outside and ensure all screens are intact. Any moisture defects, such as leaks and plumbing issues, must be resolved right away. Ants can flourish around water and damp settings.

Tip #2 Don’t Neglect Your Lawn

It’s not a surprise that ants are frequent home invaders because they are usually close by in the yard. If you mow your grass regularly, these bugs will be less of a problem. You’ll want to keep your plants and flowers clipped too. It helps to distance greenery and gardens by two feet, and remove debris. Organic matter that is rotting or overgrown is an invitation to ants, particularly the carpenter species. Some subgroups are even attracted to the dirt between concrete, such as pavement ants. The differences between the two are:

  • Carpenter Ants: These insects are about ½ of an inch long or less, and vary in color. While most are black, you might see brown, yellow, red, reddish-black, orange, or tan ones. The swarmers in their colonies are winged. Since they form nests and tunnels in wood, they are a danger to domiciles.
  • Pavement Ants: Dainty in size, these black or brown pests are 0.09 to 0.12 of an inch long. They have pale protruding appendages. You’ll likely spot the ants near sidewalks, driveways, decks, and patios. Being diggers, they can wreck soil and lawns. Indoors, they stay in kitchens. Watch out for their stingers.

Tip #3 Properly Store Food & Garbage

Put food and trash in airtight containers. Clean the kitchen and dishes on a routine basis. Regularly take out the trash and vacuum carpeting. Odorous house ants and others will survive off any crumbs they can find.

Odorous House Ants: This class is also brown or black and 0.12 of an inch long. When smashed, they’ll give off a spoiled coconut smell. If they bite you, mild pain will come. They’ll gather in anything that provides warmth and moisture, like heaters and pipes.  

Tip #4 Don’t Use Pesticides

Rather than kill ants, retail products often motivate them to spread out their nests. Further, shelf goods can sometimes be noxious or come with complicated instructions.

Tip #5 Contact BHB Pest Elimination

The expert technicians at BHB Pest Elimination will use our advanced methods to exterminate ants. Treatment options include granular and gel baits, sprays, liquids, and dusts. Both interiors and exteriors will be handled. Our solutions are completely safe for humans and domestic animals. When you call us today at BHB Pest Elimination, you’ll be offered a free inspection! Want to prevent more than just ants? BHB Pest Elimination offers comprehensive home pest control plans for Pennsylvania homeowners as well!

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