Let's Talk About The Fabric Pests In New York

November 15, 2022

We all have a few items that are not useful to us, but they have sentimental value. You may have your grandfather's pocket watch or your great aunt's classic sewing machine as reminders of dearly departed family members. Clothing from a parent or special loved one is another item many keep in the closet. For example, you may have your mother's fur coat, made with real animal fur, from an era when animal hair was acceptable. These items from our history are special mementos from our past.

Perhaps you have had the awful experience of pulling out some clothing from the past to show your children or grandchildren only to discover that something has damaged them. Damaged clothing indicates fabric pests are present, so if your stored clothing is now damaged, you need the New York pest control team from BHB Pest Elimination. We have decades of pest control experience and know how to stop fabric pests before they cause further damage. 

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What Kind Of Pests Are Considered Fabric Pests?

There are two species with members who are fabric pests; beetles and moths. In the beetle category, hide, carpet, and warehouse beetles are considered fabric pests. Although these species may invade your New York home, carpet beetles in your home are the likely cause of fabric damage. Dead animals and birds in the attic, discarded bees nests, or an accumulation of dead insects in widow sills or light fixtures are often the source of infestations of these pests in New York homes. 

Two clothing moth types are fabric pests in New York; webbing clothes moths and casemaking clothes moths. These tiny moths are about 1/2 inch in length, with the coloring as the distinguishing feature between the two species. 

What Kind Of Fabrics Do Fabric Pests Typically Ruin?

Fabric pests are outdoor insects that have entered homes where they feed on the following item with animal fiber or byproducts:

  • Rugs
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • Fur
  • Feathers
  • Silks
  • Animal hairs

The main attraction of these items is a protein found in organic fibers and hair known as keratin. Adult beetles and moths do not feed on keratin; instead, the maturing or larvae of these pests need the keratin to enable them to shed their exoskeletons for growth. 

Although they are called fabric pests, they do not eat any fabric type. These pests do not feed on materials made with plant fibers unless soiled with something containing keratin. 

Six Simple Ways To Deter Fabric Pests 

These six simple pest control tips will keep fabric pests coming from the outside into your New York home: 

  1. Vacuum the home: Use a wand attachment to remove lint, piles of animal hairs, and dead insects from corners, window sills, and around furniture. 
  2. Hire a professional: Have your clothing dry cleaned before long-term storage. Also, have a professional steam cleaner periodically clean rugs and curtains in the home. 
  3. Clean the attic: Dead birds, rodents, and insects attract beetles and moths. Remove clutter in the attic and keep the area clean.
  4. Store items correctly: Fabric pests invade undisturbed articles, so store them in pest-proof boxes or bags. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage. 
  5. Limit outdoor lighting: Light attracts moths and beetles, so install bug lights or LED lighting and pull window shades closed at night. 
  6. Seal entry points: Use caulk to close foundation gaps and repair holes in window and door screens. Install screens over attic vents and chimneys to prevent rodents and birds from entering the attic. 

Implement these six steps if you are experiencing moth damage to clothes. 

Professional Fabric Pest Control For New York Homes

Whether you are experiencing moth damage or beetle damage, you need help from BHB Pest Elimination. We will conduct a free inspection to determine the fabric pest entry points and hot spots. Using the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology, we will create a custom treatment plan to eradicate the problematic pest from your New York home. Contact us today so we can protect precious sentimental items in your house.

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