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Our programs are designed to carefully Inspect your facility to locate ALL potential breeding and nesting areas. Most programs only look to eliminate Adults. But at BHB, we know if you only treat adults, more will appear tomorrow.

At BHB Pest Elimination, we look to Treat AND Remove conditions flies can live and breed in to provide long term elimination

  • Steam Drain Treatment - High heat at breeding source to remove organic matter and kill larvae to adult on contact
  • Chemical Treatment - Precise Treatment at breeding site to eliminate all stages from larvae to adult
  • Bio-Enzymatic Foam - Natural cleaning product that breaks down organic matter flies are attracted to
  • Fly Lights - Great tool to trap and monitor adults before they can re-enter facility

How do I have Flies—my Restaurant is Clean!!??

Click here to see an amazing video of fly larvae breeding in a SINGLE BOTTLE CAP that was found behind a pipe. Our treatments find, treat and remove these conditions for long term Elimination.