Bed Bugs

From Identification to Elimination in NYC - We've got you covered!

Bedbug Questions?

We know you must have many questions and concerns about bedbugs, especially in NYC.

For additional information please download our Bedbug Informational Sheets.


Call our offices today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have or set up an inspection to be sure whether or not bedbugs are present.

We understand how traumatic a bedbug problem can be for you. Bedbugs have quickly become one of the most difficult pest to eliminate in New York City for many reasons:

  • They have a very high resistance to most insecticides
  • Their natural instincts are to make many satellite harborages
  • They can live in any crack in living areas from ceiling to the floor. They most definitely are not only in the beds
  • They travel along erratic routes
  • While most people develop obvious and uncomfortable irritations, some people show no reaction at all to bites. This can allow the insects to remain unnoticed and spread throughout a building

To combat this difficult pest we have developed an Intensive Treatment Programs that quickly eliminates these insects from your home.

Step 1 - Inspections

The first step of any Bed Bug program is to identify that we are truly dealing with bed bugs.

Our unique inspections combine the benefits of Both a canine scent detection coupled with a complete visual inspection by our trained handler

NYC Bed bugs are an extremely difficult and costly insect to eliminate. Our trained handlers and canines can easily detect the difference between bed bugs and other insects to make sure the proper pest is identified, and only then know what correct measures are recommended.

Step 2 - Treatments

When bedbugs are identified, we have developed an Intensive and Comprehensive Two Visit Program to quickly eliminate the infestation. For this insect, one survivor is too many. Only Complete and Total Eradication is acceptable.

We primarily utilize Three Steps:

  • Hepa - Vacuum - First, every crack in living areas is vacuumed. This important step immediately removes adults from your home.
  • Heat - Steam heat is an excellent, non toxic method to kill all stages of bedbugs from egg to adult. This is mostly concentrated along beds and carpets.
  • Chemical Treatments - Precise placements of the most effective liquids, aerosols and dust products are injected in cracks of breeding sites and nesting areas.

To download our Bed Bug Preparation Checklist, please click here.

To download more information, please click here.

Step 3 - Evaluation

Evaluation and Monitoring - Fortunately our intensive Treatment Programs are extremely successful. But to give all of us peace of mind that all is eliminated and not re-introduced we recommend installation of special traps and monitors coupled with periodic inspections to ensure all Remains Bed Bug Free.

Other Options:

Bedbug Barriers and Exclusion Services

Once in a building, bedbugs easily make satellite nest. If they get into hollow wall voids, they easily travel from one unit to another. To combat this, we offer Two Options.

  • Barrier Treatments - All hollow walls are treated with a combination of aerosol and dust products. If bedbugs are already in wall voids, or enter at a later date, these products act as a barrier that a bedbug cannot avoid.
  • Exclusion Treatment - Once the barrier treatment is complete, we can then seal potential cracks along pipes and baseboards. Now, in addition to the barrier, no bedbug (or other insect for that matter) will be able to enter your apartment from other areas of the building.

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